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Manawatia a Matariki – Matariki Puanga Sleepover

Rooms 6 and 12 celebrated the first ever Matariki Public Holiday by having a sleepover in the school library. We shared dinner together, went on a blind bush trial walk through some of the school bush area, played spotlight (Miss Mercer and Miss Feaunati defiantly need special mention, they had the best hiding spots and were so committed to not being found), spent some time reflecting on our year, watched a movie and finally went to sleep. The teachers didn’t get much sleep because we woke up so early, but unfortunately it was cloudy so we couldn’t see Puanga, even though we tried. After breakfast and clean up we were off to spend the rest of the day with our whanau.

Food Court Day

What started off as learning about decimals became a day of learning celebration.

We started off by learning all about decimals, we then used what we had learnt to work out the cost of a 3-course meal for our whanau using menus from different eateries around Taranaki.

From there we created our own restaurants in small groups, deciding what kind of restaurant we would like to open and what kind of meals we would offer on the menu. We then had to put our learning from Digitals Technology to the test and create a website page for our restaurant – check it out –

Finally, we had to chose one meal to actually cook and sell. We needed to calculate the cost of all the ingredients, and then calculate how much to sell our meals for, making sure that we would make 25% profit.

On Monday we spent the morning cooking our meals up in the food tech room, and then in block 2 we set up stalls in the class to create a food court before getting to go around buying and selling the food we had created.